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Multi-unit Residential and Commercial properties require routine maintenance of all painted surfaces. Generally this translates to requiring a substantial repaint every 4 to 7 years depending factors such as the type of surface, quality of paint used, weather, etc.

In some cases updating your paint may be done in separate phases for fencing, exterior walls, common areas vs. individual owner or tenant occupied buildings.  Most projects will require approval of a board of directors or other governing body responsible to the property owners.  The majority of jobs larger than simple touch up will be put to bid, with the intent of selecting the best combination of quality, price and experience for the job.

Most property managers are extremely busy with day-to-day operations making the process of putting painting projects to bid an inconvenience at best. There is nothing more frustrating that receiving proposals that fail to address your specific property needs. Which is of course why it is always best to develop a comprehensive “Request for Proposal” (ie; RFP) in advance of requesting project proposals.

Naturally the idea is simple in concept. Once you know what you need, it should be easy to develop an RFP, receive and select a contractor. But in real life, things tend to get more complicated than that. Just because you take the time to determine and spell out your project, does not mean that prospective bidders will truly understand what you want. This is where things can quickly go very wrong.

MasterCraft can help

We have more than 20 years providing quality painting to HOA’ condominium, and commercial property managers. We know exactly what is needed to get the job done right the first time. That’s why we offer our RFP development service free of charge to any property manager in the Northern California market. Frankly, we want to save you time, and the many headaches that can come from developing a custom RFP for your painting project or receiving countless proposals that fail to meet your expectations.

With our RFP development service, you can rest assured that your project needs will be carefully considered and incorporated into a very articulate RFP, written in a format and in language that professional painting contractors will clearly understand. Thus maximizing the number of proposals you will ultimately receive, and the number that will be on-target, and worthy of your consideration.

When we help you develop your RFP, you can expect:

  •  Thorough and accurate project details;
  •  Well considered and exacting specifications;
  •  Simplification of the complex and time-consuming process;
  •  Proposals that accurately reflect your project;
  •  Simple, clear contractor selection criteria;

Save your self time and money. Let MasterCraft help you develop the perfect RFP for your next painting project.

Our RFP development service is absolutely free to multi-unit residential and commercial property managers. There is neither cost, nor obligation to hire MasterCraft for your project. In most cases we are able to submit our bid for your project within 5 working days of when you release your final RFP.  Naturally we look forward to serving you in the event our proposal is selected.

Please remember, the best RFP will take time, and you will need to allow your prospective bidders time to respond with a properly completed proposal.  It’s a good idea if you can request our RFP service at least 30 days prior to your intended project date.

To request our FREE RFP development service. Please complete the following contact form, and a MasterCraft agent will contact you within 1 business day to get started on your RFP project.

Request Our Free RFP Service

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